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Dr. Han Kim provides chiropractic care to people looking for an alternative to medicine and invasive interventions.


As a chiropractor, Dr. Han Kim addresses the body as a whole and determines the best care plan for the patient. He utilizes techniques/methods to assess, treat and evaluate his patients.

We believe chiropractic plays an important part in attaining and maintaining health. We understand that each patient is unique and requires individualized care.

Our goal is simple: provide excellent care and obtain maximum results. 


Patient Testimonials

I was seeing a spine surgeon for years for my back problem (scoliosis) which he gave me cortisone injection once or twice a year. Although  I got relief from pain, my scoliosis got worse and his recommendation was surgery. As I gathered more info, second opinions, I decided not to go through with the surgery. Then my wife suggested to see Dr. Kim. Just a couple of months of treatment and some adjustments,  I felt better and I stopped going to my spine doctor. And I thank God for using Dr. Kim.
- R.B., Daly City
Desperate to get well and feeling sick and low energy, I consulted Dr. Han Kim for treatments. I had high blood pressure, left shoulder pain along with arm, leg, foot problems with pain. He was able to stabilize my blood pressure, digestive and nervous health problems with chiropractic treatments and nutritional advice. I was able to walk again without a cane on a pilgrimages.
​- V.L, Daly City
I have been diagnosed with cervical dystonia many years ago. My head shakes constantly when I am anxious or tired. Since my neurologist told me there is no cure, I wanted to try something else. I had been taking medication, but I didn't want to rely on medications  because of the side effects. When I found Dr. Kim, he was very caring and he gave me hope that I can get better. In the beginning, I had doubts about his treatments would make me better, but slowly, I got better. I used to get two treatments a week and then it went down to once a week. Now, I see him whenever I think I need a treatment. If I get more stress and anxiety with my daily life, I see him more often. I have even cut my medication. I am so happy and thankful to have met Dr. Kim.
- L.C., Mill Valley
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